Useful tips # 1
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Useful tips # 1
1. There are two main qualities that we value in our home, above all, are safety and reliability. After they are provided, you can already think about home comfort.

Installing doors in the house is the first thing you should think about if you plan to carry out repairs in the house.

When choosing a door for a house, pay special attention to steel models - they will testify to the forethought and thoroughness of the owner. For installation of the box, a pipe of size 40 by 80 and above can be used.

When choosing reliable protection for an apartment, you should not save on quality. After all, it is no secret that the door structure, which is very reliable, is very difficult to manufacture. That's why you should not be tempted by the low price that some manufacturers offer.

There are several classes of steel doors. The door of the first class is quite reliable, but it will not stand in front of a special master key. It is advisable to install such a door in those entrances where there is security of the entrance. Although psychologists, however, argue that even the very appearance of a massive steel door can scare away thieves. But still, it is better to put such a door if you do not have special values ​​in the apartment.

Doors of the second class - the optimal ratio of price and reliability. They are able to withstand the effects of crowbar and hammer, but nevertheless, with the help of skillful hands and a special power tool, they can be opened.

Doors of the third class are distinguished by a particularly reinforced structure.

2. The bedroom is a special place in your apartment, it is a kind of island of comfort and tranquility, a place where you can relax alone with yourself or be with your loved one. No kitchen corner or sofa bed can replace you with the luxury of a bed in a cozy and elegantly decorated room. Therefore, of course, the design of the bedroom, as well as the design of the curtains for the bedroom should be special.

So, which curtains for the bedroom to choose?

The main practical function of “clothes for windows” is to protect a room from excessive light (both natural and artificial) and from the eyes of curious passers-by. Therefore, if you live on the lower floors, then the main curtain should be made of sufficiently dense material. However, if you still prefer lightweight textiles, and your floor is low enough, you can purchase aluminum or steel roller shutters, which can even become an decoration of interest.

Currently, there are no special problems with the purchase of curtains - you can purchase ready-made or order curtains for the bedroom in a certain style. Therefore, dissonance in the style of design of the bedroom and window is simply unacceptable.

A very important factor is the color of the curtains. Please note that if the bedroom for you is mainly a place to relax, then the color of the curtains should be unobtrusive, with a small delicate pattern. The color of the text should be pleasant light shades. But if you plan regular amorous pleasures in your married bedroom, then the scarlet “exciting” color in the design of both the bedroom itself and the curtains is quite allowed.

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