About the Navy # 008
Barra Superior
About the Navy # 008

At the port of Ishmael

Port workers Ismail, joining the all-Union competition for the early implementation of the plan of the first year of the seven-year plan, are improving their work. Previously, when processing cement according to the barge — crane — forklift — warehouse variant, parachutes were usually used, on which 50 bags of cement were placed, that is, about 3 tons along with the weight of the parachute. A team of 10 people overloaded 300-350 tons per shift, or gave 200% of the shift rate.

Currently, instead of parachutes, port innovators have used universal platforms. They are much lighter than parachutes and, in addition, on each of them it is possible to pack not 56, but 56 bags. The use of universal platforms has increased labor productivity. The advanced brigades now overload 500-530 tons, or give up to 280% of the shift norm.

The port receives a lot of box cargo weighing up to 30 kg. Their transshipment from barge to wagon required considerable physical effort. The truck driver Comrade Grekov suggested a special universal platform. It is freely taken by both forklift trucks and a crane or special grippers in the form of tubes, or nuts if four rings are welded to it. The universal platform is used both on the barge - crane - auto-loader and warehouse - auto-loader - wagon versions. Using it, port workers increased labor productivity by 15-20%.


New pier

In the port of Novorossiysk, a new Shirokiy pier is being built, at the berths of which a large number of vessels can simultaneously load and unload.

Last year, the construction of the two-sided wall was completed, for which hundreds of 100-ton massifs and tens of thousands of cubic meters of stone were laid, and many thousands of cubic meters of sand were also washed with a refueller. For the manufacture and installation of massifs, first used in construction on the Black Sea, TT brigades worked selflessly. Whistler and Tahmazidi, crews of floating cranes, tugboats and a diving bot team. Great work on cleaning the seabed was carried out by the expedition of Chernomortekhflot. As soon as possible, about 300 thousand m3 of soil was excavated by powerful excavators and dredgers. The plan of the last year was fulfilled by 113.4%. In 1959, hydro-builders were to hand over 160 linear meters. m berth.

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