Oil wrap at home with castor oil. We save on the cabin
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Oil wrap at home with castor oil. We save on the cabin
In beauty salons, oil wrapping is a very popular service. A set of professional procedures effectively treats curls. If you want to do your own oil wrap at home, use castor oil and our recommendations. The result will please, cost savings come in handy.
Oil wrap at home with castor oil
Interestingly, castor oil was used and is used in "star" hair cosmetics. For example, for Audrey Hepburn, a mask of castor and olive oil was invented to restore the curls of the actress after painting, constant styling on the set, the harmful effects of spotlights.
Why castor oil? The benefits of castor oil for hair
Even the most healthy hair under the influence of external factors does not change for the better. Its scales over time lose their natural “cementing” compound, begin to gradually exfoliate, break. Since the outer layer is damaged, the inner structure is broken. If you dye your hair, straighten, curl curlers, blow-dry, hair loses keratin compounds, lipids and proteins. Fragility, cuteness, dullness are a direct consequence of such procedures.
Castor oil is considered the most bioavailable for hair structure. As part of a natural product, the mass of the most useful unsaturated fatty acids that make up the biochemical structure of the hair. If you use oil wrap with castor oil, you soften the curls, restore their lipid balance, and therefore, elasticity. It is proved at the scientific level that castor oil restores the intermolecular structures of hairs.
How to make oil wrap at home?
Before embarking on an oil wrap, keep in mind that this procedure is best done before hair coloring. The mixture washes away the paint.
1. Use a mixture of castor and olive oil. Mix the ingredients using a water bath. Add shampoo. Parts must be equal.
2. Wash your hair, dry it naturally (without a hair dryer).
3. Apply to each strand, but not from the root (this is done when the hair is dry) and on the middle part and tips.
4. Wrap your head in a hot, damp towel. Put a hat on top (you can use a simple, not thin plastic bag). Wrap something else warm. In such a cocoon, the effects of beneficial ingredients are more active.
Try to keep the “wrap” for about 40-60 minutes. In order not to open the “cocoon” every time, to warm up a wet towel, you can heat the wrapped curls every 20 minutes with a warm hairdryer.
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