How employees influence company image
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How employees influence company image
If an entrepreneur thinks about why things are going bad and blames competitors, he will be wrong. The essence of the matter is that 80% of image losses are due to incorrect behavior of company employees. This article is about ethics of employees' behavior outside work, with strangers, their relatives and friends. Want to learn how to manage your image?

Any member of the team can influence the opinions of others about the organization. We know people who like talking to outsiders about their work problems. Result: the one who reprimanded did not feel better. Why? From the fact that other people's problems do not interest anyone! For listeners - this is a sight and they only sympathize a little. The narrator, in order to produce the maximum effect on the listener, often exaggerates or is especially carried away by the details of the villainy of which he became a victim.

He (she) does this unconsciously, just wants to be truly pitied, and this is not easy. Further, he was told to whom, given that the details of the narrative are amazing and outstanding, he adds his own and transfers them to the third, fourth and fifth ears of others. And the first story-teller, whom the misfortune allegedly suffered, in the morning of the next day everything was settled, resolved. I talked with the boss, they understood what were both wrong, an interesting front of work was outlined, etc.

It is important that the listeners to whom he complained earlier, now, at best, continue to remind him of his grief, sympathize, give advice in the matter in which they understand nothing and actually always remain at a distance. They even more often talk about the organization where our "hero" works for everyone, enjoying the monstrous details more and more: "You just listen to how they treat employees, and customers - it’s clear that it’s even worse!" Then new clients do not go to this organization. And the culprit, who did not understand anything, dug a financial hole for himself and his beloved team. Spoiled the life of not only colleagues, but also their families.

Recommendation: Talk only good, or only with those on whom the settlement of the problem depends. We kill two birds with one stone: and settle, and speak out. On the contrary, the positive side is sure to lead to increased sales and the envy of competitors! Pride in ourselves and involvement in the classroom team, where we spend more time in vigor, is worth little effort in the fight against the left chatter on the side. The climate in the team is 100% dependent on each member! We offer all our readers to use free sex chats to communicate with cam girls online. Go to sex chat and look at naked womens through a webcam.

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