Ancient and ever new Crimea
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Ancient and ever new Crimea
Someone goes to Crimea to be treated - the peninsula has long been considered one of the best health resorts in Eastern Europe, someone longs for a simple sandal like happiness from a visit to the silk-sand or glossy-pebble local beaches and the warm, cozy, affectionate Black Sea, and someone is thirsty for wanderings - after all, in Crimea there are so many interesting places, both on the coast and in the depths of the peninsula.

The list of diseases cured in Crimea is quite serious: heart, respiratory organs, nephrology, joints. Respirators are usually recommended Yalta or its environs - here is especially clean air, which helps strengthen immunity and cope with diseases.

For those who want to make their children healthy, Evpatoria is probably the best choice - there are many hotels for families with children, many attractions: a zoo, a water park, a swing-carousel, and slides. It is also convenient that you can quickly run to the market, and then transport carefully washed fruits, sources of all vitamins, into the mouths of your babies.

Fans of excursions have all the opportunities. You can go to the town of Old Crimea (the writer Alexander Green spent his last years in a modest little house), at the same time look into the oak forest, which is also considered healing, admire the remains of the Armenian monastery of Surb Khach (Holy Cross), which was active until 1929 of the year. Now, finally, attempts are being made to restore it - perhaps it will become a new tourist attraction of Crimea.

And also good in Feodosia - especially in the Aivazovsky Museum. The Armenian community put an end to his grave and wrote: Born to mortals, you left immortal glory about yourself.

Of course, it is worth going to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden - a magnificent selection of exotic plants, phenomenally erudite guides, convenient areas for relaxation.

In Koktebel it is worth seeing the glider competition - Mount Uzun-Syrt (Long Back) as specially prepared for their starts. And not far from this place is the extinct volcano Karadag (on the beaches, many look for and find semiprecious stones that can be cut here, made from them a ring or pendant). A little trap - the city of Sudak with its unique Genoese fortress. There is something for adults to see, there is room for children to climb.

And, of course, the New World is a winery that is more than 150 years old. Tasting chilled wines in hot weather and will not get drunk (8 drinks of 20 grams each), and will make it possible to buy your favorite varieties.

Crimea - for all tastes, appetites, finances!

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